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You gain the knowledge and skills to safely put on, dive in, take off and store. You will become familiar with the different types of drysuits so that you can consciously choose one for yourself if you decide to buy one.

From 175 €


The PADI Nitrox course, or oxygen-enriched gas scuba diving, is the most popular specialty course, and it’s easy to see why. Diving with Nitrox allows you to extend your No Decompression Time. This means you spend more time underwater, especially on repetitive dives.

From 85 €


The PADI Excellent Buoyancy Specialization refines the basic skills learned in the PADI Open Water Diver course and takes them to the next level. Thanks to the exercises conducted on the course, you will reduce air consumption during the dive through a better position, as well as improve your trim and neutral buoyancy.

From 150 €


When the sun goes down, you put on your gear, an eye mask, a mouth regulator, take a deep breath and … plunge into the night. Although you have seen this place many times, this time you admire a completely new, different world that emerges in the light of your flashlight.

From 210 €


The aim of the PADI Self Reliant program is to emphasize the skills necessary to deal with difficult situations independently and to emphasize the importance of proper dive planning as a method of avoiding unwanted situations. If your goal is to dive on your own, then this course is for you.

From 230 €


As a Equipment Specialist, you are prepared to maintain and adapt the basic scuba gear that you encounter on a daily basis. In addition, you will learn interesting things about how your equipment works, how to repair it, and other additional information that will help you make a choice when investing in equipment.

From 180 €


Many divers cannot boast about shipwrecks or planes, as their exploration is intriguing and exciting, and they are usually teeming with underwater life. Thanks to the PADI Wreck Diving specialization, you will learn the secrets of responsible wreck diving.

From 150 €


After your first dives, you’ll soon want to explore deeper depths. There is something exciting and mysterious about the depth that makes the dives attractive. People who take this course really begin to unders

From 240 €


Become an oxygen rescuer to react quickly in unexpected diving situations. The PADI Oxygen Provider training shows how to use various oxygen sets and how to effectively help during diving accidents.

From 95 €


In the PADI Boat Diver specialization, you will learn about the equipment of a typical dive boat and learn about the principles of safe diving from boats of various sizes and purposes. You will learn how to safely jump into water from various vessels and how to perform a rescue operation.

From 150 €

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