In our Center, the minimum number of students is 2 people. The course can start on any day (usually in the afternoon) if the two-student factor is met.

You need a minimum of 9 hours, which should be spread over 4 separate days. The course includes 9 dives – 5 in swimming pool waters and 4 in open waters – including one to a depth of 18 meters.

First of all, you don’t need any equipment. Our Diving Center will provide you with this. Apart from that, good intentions and a positive attitude.
You must also be over 10 years old and in good physical condition.

Completing the AOWD course gives you the opportunity to dive to a depth of up to 30 meters. The training consists of five Adventure Dive dives. The goal of each of these dives is to teach the student new skills. Mandatory elements include deep diving of 18-30 m and navigation diving.

We can complete this course within 2 days.

No, you do not need any experience to start the PADI Open Water Diver course. The course is intended for people who have no previous contact with diving. The OWD course is a basic diving course that introduces you to the world of diving, teaching basic skills and safety rules.

Yes, after completing the OWD course, you will be qualified to dive independently in conditions similar to those that were part of your training. After obtaining the certificate you will be able to:

Dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

Plan and conduct dives with other divers certified at the OWD level.

Use rented or owned diving equipment.

Remember that diving on your own requires responsibility and compliance with diving safety rules.

The PADI OWD course includes both theoretical and practical lessons. Theoretical lessons are held in the form of e-learning. After starting the OWD course and before diving in open waters, the student has to complete theoretical materials including: basics of diving physics and physiology, safety rules, familiarization with diving equipment, its maintenance and operation, planning principles
and conducting dives, diving tables, diving computer, understanding the impact of the environment on diving.

The practical part of the OWD course will include 5 pool lessons and 4 open water lessons.

Pool lessons will include:

Practicing safe diving underwater.

Developing swimming and maneuvering skills under water.

Learning to use diving equipment underwater.

Open water diving lessons will include:

Application of skills acquired during swimming pool lessons in natural water conditions.

Practical application of diving procedures in open water.

Yes, at the end of the OWD course you must take the exam online. You will take the exam on the PADI platform. It is a form of multiple choice test. The exam includes questions about the e-learning material and is intended to ensure that you are prepared to dive safely.

Yes, after completing the PADI OWD course you will receive a certificate that allows you to dive anywhere in the world. The PADI OWD certificate is recognized on all continents and certifies that you have the basic skills and knowledge needed to safely dive to a depth of 18 meters.