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Underwater World of Mallorca

Diving in Mallorca is an unforgettable experience with a rich diversity of the underwater world. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, caves and numerous marine species make it a perfect place for diving enthusiasts. Here you will encounter colorful fish, octopuses, moray eels and impressive rock formations.

Underwater Adventures on the Pearl of the Mediterranean

Mallorca, known as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, not only delights with its picturesque beaches and charming monuments, but also hides extraordinary secrets under the water surface for diving enthusiasts. This Spanish island attracts enthusiasts of underwater exploration with its crystal clear and warm water, rich underwater life and unique rock formations, as well as numerous grottoes and caves.

Diversity of the Underwater World

Diving in Mallorca is a journey through diverse marine ecosystems. The waters around the island are home to many colorful fish such as sea bream, salema, tuna, stonefish, barracuda and grouper. We can often meet octopuses, moray eels, cuttlefish, shrimps, rays and many other fascinating species. The seabed, although perhaps not as dazzling as in tropical regions, is full of life and is a perfect place to observe underwater flora and fauna.

Caves and Rock Formations

One of the most exciting aspects of diving in Mallorca is its impressive rock formations and caves. Water tunnels, hidden caves and mysterious passages offer unforgettable experiences for experienced divers. Exploring underwater caves and following rock nooks is a unique way to discover the hidden corners of the island. One such place is diving in a tunnel called Calo de’n Monjio. It is located only 5 minutes by car from our center. All daredevils who have a minimum AOWD certificate and are in good physical condition can dive there. In Majorca, we can find many more flooded caves, e.g. Cova des Pirata or Cova Genovesa, but only people with Full Cave certificates and the appropriate permit can dive there.

Perfect Visibility

The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea provide excellent visibility during underwater exploration. Divers in Mallorca have the opportunity to admire the undersea landscape in all its splendor: sun and water. Such conditions are conducive to expanding divers’ skills in underwater photography, enabling them to capture extraordinary moments in this picturesque environment.

Mallorca wrecks

Mallorca offers fascinating wreck diving opportunities. One popular wreck is the “MV Playa Dorada,” a 1959 Spanish cargo ship sunk off the port of Palma de Mallorca in 1991. However, to visit this wreck, it is best to use the DPV scooters that we have at our diving center. Below you will find a short video of diving on the wreck.

But this is not the only wreck that Mallorca can offer us. In the north of the island, in the bay of Bahia de Pollenca, at a depth of 39 meters lies the wreck of Andrea Ferrara – a “ghost ship” that mysteriously found itself at the bottom of the bay. It was discovered by fishermen 10 years ago and since then it has been a refuge for many species of fish. Due to the great depth, to see it, we must have a minimum AOWD qualification with the “deep diver” specialization.

For those interested, here is a video from diving on the wreck:

For wreck diving enthusiasts, Mallorca is an interesting place with a variety of locations to explore underwater.

Diving Courses for All Levels

For those who want to start their diving adventure, as well as for advanced divers, we offer a variety of courses at our diving center in Mallorca. Polish instructors usually speak different languages, which facilitates communication and makes diving accessible to the international diving community.

Practical Information

The best period for diving in Mallorca is from May to October, when the water temperature is pleasant and weather conditions are favorable for water activities. Popular diving sites next to our center include Cala Fornells, Cala Marmassen, Palma de Mallorca and El Toro, which is located in the Natural Park.

What an example diving in the park looks like can be seen in the video below:

It is also worth taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of our instructors, who will be happy to show you the best diving spots in a given period.

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Discover your underwater world with us

H2O Scuba Academy runs a special PADI Discover Scuba Diving program for people who have never dived before and breathing with complete diving equipment is completely new to them. The program includes a theoretical introduction to the basics of diving and practical diving experience under the supervision of an instructor. This is a great opportunity for beginners to try diving before committing to a full course. And the warm waters of Mallorca and the location of the H2O diving center right next to the beach make it extremely easy to immerse yourself in the underwater world for the first time. We guarantee an individual approach to each program participant and unforgettable experiences and memories.


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H2O Scuba Academy Team

To sum up, diving in Mallorca is not only an encounter with underwater beauty, but also a chance to discover unique corners of the Mediterranean Sea. For enthusiasts of nature and underwater adventure, Mallorca becomes an unforgettable place that will certainly leave unforgettable impressions.