A CERTIFIED DIVER MAY ONLY DIVE FOR FUN. WE OFFER VARIOUS DIVING PACKAGES. Depending on the level of diving education and experience of divers, we plan the best places that match their skills. Most often we dive to Camp de Mar, Cala Fornells, Sa Madonna, S’Aquilot, Cova del Coloms, Calo den Monjo or around the […]


SUP IS CONSIDERED TO BE ONE OF THE EASIEST WATER SPORTS. Stan Up Paddle has become popular with children, young adults and seniors alike. With our equipment, you can practice this sport in a variety of places and conditions. One will enjoy catching waves with an oar, the other will prefer a leisurely swim in […]


An easy activity for everyone who wants to taste a bit of the underwater world. This is an approximately 1-1.5 hour tour of the waters of Camp De Mar or other bespoke location, with training elements and an explanation of how to use a snorkel mask and snorkel.